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Organization & Process
     Teams aren't formed around ideas.
     Instead, teams discover them.

Entrepreneurs & Teams
     Selecting, training and supporting the
     differentiated roles of a new organization.

The Work Required
     A punch list for the new organization.

Typical Issues
     Frequently encountered challenges.

Oyster's Role
     How we help in the immediate, near-term
     and long-term time horizons of building
     the new enterprise.

A Glossary
     Oyster-centric definitions of terms used
     on this site.

How do we migrate from being good at extending ideas and incremental growth to developing and building new growth platforms?

Typical Issues
While every business circumstance presents unique challenges and individual chemistries, many of the organizations with which we work share a great deal. As a result of this shared set of problems, typical issues arise in nearly every project we undertake.

Leadership Issues
Guidance, oversight, direction and encouragement.
How can the CEO frame the enterprise growth challenge so that it is embraced by the corporation?
How can the CEO explain the process to pursue enterprise growth?
Who is responsible and accountable for the execution of enterprise growth?
How will commitment be built within a top team which is principally focused on their respective business units and competing agendas?
How can cooperation and resource sharing be inserted as core corporate values?
What are the preconditions for successful growth initiatives?
What is the role, work and value added of the executive team in achieving growth?
Who will be responsible for oversight and investment decisions?

Organization Design Issues
Institutionalizing entrepreneurship.
What capabilities and know-how are required to close the gap?
What framework would support the enterprise growth goals?
What organization and governance structures are appropriate?
What is the profile of the leader of an organization designed to develop and execute new growth platforms?
What disciplined and systematic processes are required to improve the odds of success?
What are the rules of engagement between a new platform growth team responsible for filling the enterprise growth gap and the business unit leaders?
How do we migrate from being good at extending ideas and incremental growth to developing and building new growth platforms?
How do we shift from a concentration on products to the creation of platforms which generate multiple new products and businesses?
What capabilities are needed to manage a portfolio of opportunities?
How do we harness these capabilities to create a stream of new platform growth opportunities?
What new management systems and processes are needed to deliver new value creation?
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