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Organization & Process
     Teams aren't formed around ideas.
     Instead, teams discover them.

Entrepreneurs & Teams
     Selecting, training and supporting the
     differentiated roles of a new organization.

The Work Required
     A punch list for the new organization.

Typical Issues
     Frequently encountered challenges.

Oyster's Role
     How we help in the immediate, near-term
     and long-term time horizons of building
     the new enterprise.

A Glossary
     Oyster-centric definitions of terms used
     on this site.

We help define the value creation goal and frame the challenge of meeting that goal.

Oyster's Role
We guide organizations to identify and develop new product and service concepts and we design the new business models that support those concepts. To this end, we create underlying processes, coach leadership, manage staffing and provide the management tools necessary to ensure the investment value of this work.

At the outset, we help define the value creation goal and frame the challenge of meeting that goal. The time and commitment required to achieve the goal is assessed. That accomplished, Oyster helps establish the oversight and governance structure necessary to pursue new value creation. And we identify the organizational design and capabilities issues to be overcome within a client organization. Finally, we help identify a leader who can embody a "founder's vision" in the pursuit of new value.

The Work Plan
A typical work plan is as follows:

Frame the challenge
Build understanding and commitment
Outline plan forward

Foundation processes
Operating processes
Investment assumptions

Profile and appoint leader
Develop the plan
Profile and staff organization
Process design
Education and training
Implement operating processes
Operate idea management business model
Pipeline and portfolio management
Monitor and refine process

Assessment, Oversight and Inspection
Dashboard and performance review
Optimization tuning
Framing “killer issues”
Investment decision making

Of course, a detailed schedule accompanies this work plan, along with an outline of roles and responsibilities among groups and by individuals.
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