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Alliance Advantage
The Art of Creating Value through Partnering
by Yves L. Doz and Gary Hamel

After a decade of reengineering and downsizing, many companies are leaner, more efficient, and acutely focused on their core business. Yet today's growth opportunities in global markets and new technologies demand a wider range of skills. More and more, firms must turn to alliances - often with their rivals - to meld the right resources for pursuing new opportunities. However, few managers are accustomed to working with undefined boundaries between collaboration and competition, with the need to combine unfamiliar skills with networks of interdependent alliances, and with complex value creation strategies. Nor has their experience with traditional joint ventures prepared them for this world of intricate alliance webs. Alliance Advantage aims to help today's managers and their companies be more successful in their efforts to create and guide thriving alliance strategies.

Praise for Alliance Advantage

An outstanding book! Alliance Advantage nails the essence of what it takes to create great alliances. Doz and Hamel's grasp of both the evidence and the nuance of what makes alliances succeed moves us beyond the myths and anecdotes to the real facts and practicalities.
Alex Zaffaroni, Founder, Alza Corporation

Doz and Hamel cover interesting and compelling issues, and Alliance Advantage is an important contribution to the literature.
Robert E. Spekman, Tayloe Murphy Professor of Business Administration
Darden Graduate School of Business, University of Virginia

Alliance Advantage addresses a significant and timely topic. Alliances are important instruments of strategy today, and there are few, if any, thoughtful discourses on the subject for managers. This book fills that void.
Balaji S. Chakravarthy
Edson W. Spencer Land Grant Chair in Technological Leadership
Curtis L. Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota

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